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Homie Lover Friend...or is he? what's his deal?

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My friend, well let me say, my Homie Lover Friend. Has a girl in another city, mind you, all along we've been bumpin' n gridin'. Now, I'm not one that's about relationships, as you can see from my name...I ain't messing with that "love" stuff no more, but, I dig my dude...so he's moving where she is in October, and I don't want him to leave...even though we argue like cat's and dog's, we both have dominate personalities, and we clash like oil and water, but the sex is off the chain!! and he's cool to hang out with, so yeah, I want to keep him here, now I could easily get real ugly and sabotage his "relationship", because he likes to switch things around on me, he just came back from there 2 weekends ago, everytime, he always has some new rules to hand down, of course, being the P I M P 8) that I am, I never adhere to em, because why should I? We've already gone up and beyond, so if he doesn't respect the relationship, why the hell should I? and I know ladies, we all know how terribly weak men are when it comes to the so he never sticks to his guns anyway. This dude is talking about marriage to this chick...marriage I say!!! is it me or is this brotha confused? or is he just your typical D O G G ? what's the deal, men? give me some insight...holla!!!

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