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Going to WA with girlfriend

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Ok, so my girlfriend's family is in WA, and she's in NC with me. This June I will be going with her to meet her entire family for basically a camp out that goes from June 16th to June 22. We will be gone from June 14th to June 24th. Kay and I are paying for this trip ourselves with no one help. However my parents are concerned about me being away and be surrounded by strangers for 10 days in the outdoors. They would like to discuss it, however, as I see it there's not much to discuss. My girlfriend and I are adults and should be able to make our own choices without having to talk about it with the family. They know our plans, they know where we'll be at, and they know that we're paying for it, and in my mind that's all they should need to know. You'd think at the age of 23, my family would actually just say "Well, I hope you guys have fun." However nope, it's "We need to talk about it, don't make any reservation yet." I think my family is being a little over protective, and I would like for them to realize that I am now living my own life, and that I should be able to do things without having to talk about it with the family. What do you guys think?

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Strangers for you, but this is your girlfriend's family.. people she knows very well.


I could understand the concern. I mean, I would be worried about someone going on a camp out with a lot of people they didn't know. I would be afraid that they would feel left out or lonely or not have a good time and be stuck there.


But then of course, you are an adult and can make these choices. It's not as though you are going with people you don't even know.. it's your girlfriend's family! They aren't setting you up for something bad to happen.. Chances are they want to meet you and will try to make an effort to include you and be fun.


If your family is truly concerned, then there won't be any harm in listening to what they have to say. But at the same time, just let them know that you are excited to meet her family and this will be a great way to get to know them.

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Do you live with your family, or does your family have any financial control in your life whatsoever?


If your family contributes to your life financially in any way, like if you live with them or they pay your bills, then they do have the right to intervene. If you're completely financially independent, then let your parents know that you appreciate their concern, but you'll be fine.

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