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3 weeks NC, and she contacts me

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So it's been 3 weeks today of solid NC. And 3 weeks since we split. I've been hanging tough, figuring out my future plans as I'll be moving back to the west coast soon.


I was over at a friends late yesterday afternoon printing off some stuff. My friend had a goofy picture of me on her computer so I logged into myspace to upload it. I saw my ex was on, which is a very rare thing. I immediately got a lump in my throat and just felt weird. My friend was laughing, and half jokingly I said "I bet she messages me now she sees I'm online". Sure enough, 5 minutes later and here's the message I receive.


"hey just stoppin by to say hi !!! I am at work right now, but i just hope all is going good for you and maybe you should give me a ring a we will catch up. I start training for my soccer in a couples weeks. Well you always have my best wishes and i miss talkin to you. Well I guess I will here from you when i here from you. Much love,your girl XXXXX P.S. I Love You"


I read it and wanted to scream. She's so damn casual with the message. Like things are fine. The night we broke up (over the phone), I snapped on her. I acted a little immature, but givin the situation, and everything that led up to it, I really don't think I was too out of line. But it was a heated last 5 minutes to the convo, that resulted in my just dumping her and hanging up. And we haven't talked since.


I know trying to "look in" or analyze things like this is useless. It just really bothers me. Especially the whole "your girl" part. We broke up, remember, why would you feel the need to add that in.


I know she misses talking to me. I'm one of the very few people in her life who ever really gave a damn. And when good things do happen to her, I was always the first she'd call. I miss talking to her too. But I miss talking to the girl I loved, and thought loved me back the same way. I know she hasn't called in this time frame because she's scared of my reaction. I very VERY rarely lose my temper like I did the night we broke up, and I think that kind of surprised her. I dunno, guess I just needed to vent a little.


Instead of letting it kill my whole night, I decided to go out and party. Something I hadn't done in a long while. I ended up meeting up with a bunch of old friends from years ago, and had a great night. Drank a little more than I should of, but hey, had a great time. Not to mention the minute I walked into the bar I had 4 girls from my past who I hadn't seen in years pretty much tackle me, that definitely helped the ego lol.


But now I'm back in soberland, wishing I knew what the point of her little message was.

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There was no point to the message. Remember try not to over think this crap. She's either foolish or really absent-minded about things. Leave her be and go back to NC. There is no point to consider her words unless she outright suggests reconciliation. Enjoy your life and try not to let her careless words affect you too much.

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