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Poem I wrote a long time ago about my current ex


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I wrote this poem a long time ago about my current ex... I never had a chance to give it to her, but I wanted to share and see what others think of it. I can only hope someday she'll come back to me, so I can give this to her.


"Beauty Captivated"


Deeper than the oceans,

And higher than the skies,

Your beauty captivates me,

It I can never deny,


Fields of endless blond,

Meets two stunning drops of blue,

Add luscious red lips,

A powerful combination so rare of few,


Your amazing bright smiles,

Dazzle the souls up there,

Taming the great lion,

And bringing out the best in me,


Your sweet touch soothes me,

The troubles just melt away,

Holding you a moment longer,

Is my meek heavenly plea,


Your kisses stop time,

Bringing me to my knees,

Everyone fades away,

While I lie in your arms,


Minutes turn to hours,

As we lie there in love,

How was I ever so lucky,

To find such a girl as you,


The heavens must have blessed me,

Giving me far more than I could deserve,

Sending a girl of such sheer magnificence,

Is giving honey to a lowly bee,


Now I truly possess joy,

A beautiful, sweet, heavenly girl,

She is wonderful in every way,

Unfeasible to ask for more at all…

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