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"The purpose of teen dating?"


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Now, what do teenage girls (15+) hope to gain in dating? I mean why do teens date? Is it for sex mainly? Companionship? I mean there obviously not going to look for a potential spouse in their teens. So what's it all about? Stupid question probably for most, but I don't understand.

All replies appreciated.

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Hey Johnny_has,


Well it varies from person to person, all people want different things , it depends on how much they feel for the person, and whether they're ready for a serious relationship. I wouldn't say its all about sex or companionship. I think if u enjoy someone's company then you just take it slow and see what happens. Some teenagers want to find love and settle down, whereas some are just out to have fun while there young!!


So I think it really depends on the individual.



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I think that dating for a young person is a way to learn how to deal with the opposite sex. As complicated as our "mating rituals" can get dating as a teenager helps us learn how to approach the opposite sex. We gather information and use it to weed out all the incompatible people in this world. Each of us has specific taste the only way to learn what we want and what we like is to date. Some times we date people and break up rather quickly, because although they seemed interesting they weren't compatible with our moral stand point or our social views or our personality in general. It is must better for us to date casually than to jump in the bed or run off and get married every time we get fuzzy feelings. Who we marry is very important because it is supposed to be for life. Getting to know a person helps us understand our own likes and dislikes and helps keep the number of mother or fatherless children down not to mention the divorce rate. I hope I didn't babble to much. As I see it this is why dating is important, and it isn't a stupid question it is a very good question. Thought provoking.

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