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Remain in NC??

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I split up with me ex GF about a month ago and i have been in NC for only about 2 weeks. She e-mailed me yesterday to say that she has not changed her mind and how sorry she is that she has hurt me so much and how she is missing me as a friend. The mainreason she e-mailed was to tell me that i need to cancel the holiday we had booked together and i let her know when i had done it.


The thing is i want her back as her reason for breaking up is we have drifted apart. So i dont know what to do? Do i e-mail her back? Break NC which i really dont want to do as its the only way i am coping with the break up.


What would you do?

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Keep it simple - cancel the trip and cc her in on the email, or forward the confirmation that the trip has been cancelled, but without any other explanation.


I think you're right, that NC is working for you as a way to move forward. If you start to open the channels of communication, you'll be waiting and hoping and checking for a reply, and then analysing what she sends, and then back to the early stages. Better to be polite but completely detached.


I'm sorry you're hurting so much - break ups really are incredibly painful, and it's hard to stick to your guns. But you'll be pleased when you look back that you did this, honest!


Good luck.

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ok thanks i didnt think of that! i will just forward the confirmation e-mail when i get it!!


I dont understand how one minute someone can love you and the next say we have drifted apart and i hope we can be friends one day! I dont know what you think but i dont think i could ever be a friend to her she has crushed me too much!


Deep down you must still love that person?

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Going through that as well...Its so very hard to understand but i think thats where we go wrong we try and figure it out to make some sense of it so that possibly we can correct it..but rarely do we ever come to terms with what really happened..its easier to move on, and just look at this way, at least you found out now she isn't the one and be excited that there is someone else out there for you that you will meet one day, when one door closes one always re-opens somewhere else, you just have to be ready to see it...


Im sitting here hurting as well and not understanding why someone could walk away from feelings and emotions and history but it happens and we must not look back..respect yourself in that way and don't be a puppy dog to this girl, she doesn't deserve you and one day she will wake up and realize she made the worst mistake ... they always do...in due time her moment of clarity will come and thats when you have to be at your strongest....

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