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Quiting my job

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You are not morally obligated to think of your company before yourself. Your best interests are more important than theirs. Your company is using you to get a job done- you should use them to pay you while you find a better job. Take a day off, a long lunch, or whatever it takes to go to an interview. Always keep your options open. If your company was in a position where they found it economically prudent to let you go do you think they would worry about any sort of ethical dilema or how it might affect you? No, they would not.

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It's not bad ethics to take your personal time for an interview with another company. If you are taking a vacation day then it's your business what you do with your time.


Like the others said, your company wouldn't give it a second thought if they felt they could make more money without you - they'd just lay you off. Don't feel any undue obligation to your company.

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In the working world you always have to look out for yourself first.

I find that people need to look out for them selfs at their jobs more than they actually do. You look out for your interests not your employer, because hes only (really) looking our for his/hers, I mean, thats why you work where you do.


Until very recently I've had the good fortune to find myself in places of employment where they were more use to me than I was to them. aka. They needed me more then I needed them. That was because I kept a keen eye out for what I needed.


To quote Brian Griffin, "You need to help yourself because no one will do it for you"

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