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quote by savoie: i believe if a woman does something to a man, she deserves the same back"


the only time i ever condone a man or a woman reacting with more violence is in self defense - to protect from further injury or harm.


it seems to me you are rationalizing his behavior. your relationship with him sounds very unhealthy. he doesn't respect you and you both have anger issues. there may be passion between you but this is not the way love and respect feels.


you both have crossed a dangerous line - you seem to bring out


I agree 100% with this.


You both are getting drunk and violent with each other. Alcohol fueled arguments between couples is the very worst kind, and nothing good usually comes from them. You both need to cut the chord and move on or clean up this act.



Neither of you are going to react rationally when drinking, and i saw several times thru this thread you both were drinking during some of these incidents.


You said you ran after him ranting and slapped him - well we can hope all men are rationale but all of them are not and this is DANGEROUS business to do this to a man who isn't. The only thing you can do for yourself is leave, chasing him and slapping him is going to land you in an abusive relationship because he obviously is not the type of man to walk away.

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