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Ever felt like this

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Where you like someone so much and want someone so much that you desire to sleep with them again, even though it is not a good idea and can lead to unfulfilled emotions and feelings. What I am getting at is, have you ever had a relationships with someone, it ended, the both of you are friends now, but you still have a strong sexual desire for them that you don't care anymore and are willing to ask for one more night with them, no matter what the outcome? Is that bad? The sex was so damn good that you don't care what the consequences, just to repeat that one night, to feel that closeness with that person.

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Your problem lies in the last few words of your post...you desire that closeness with the person.


It's perfectly normal to want to feel intimate and connected to someone, especially someone you've recently separated with but realizing your urges and acting on them are two different things. You say you know it's a bad idea yet you want to do it anyway - why?


Can you not find other ways to bring yourself comfort without back-tracking and hurting yourself more?

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The problem is in the self-deception - you say you miss the sex but what you really miss is the closeness - and there is the danger because you can't replicate the feeling of closeness just through sex - if he doesn't care for you then having sex with him won't change that and likely will make you feel worse.

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