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Can someone give me advice?


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I have broke up with my boyfriend now for just over a month and still every weekend i see him cause we share friends, so we go to parties and out for drinks and things like that. I think the cause of our breakup was his brother but he goes away on thursday.


In my opinion it seems to be he ends up everywhere i do, even when i find out that he wasnt going in the first place, but he ends up there when i get in. I dont know if im reading too much into this but.


We were at a party on saturday night which he wasnt going to but did, well he kept sort of either moving towards me or moving accross the room so he could watch. Also i caught him just staring at me a few times. My friend was upset so i went to comfort her & when i got back he had left because he was getting a lift with someone, so i decided to send him a message saying that, sorry i didnt get to say goodbye and hope he got home alrite and he was looking tired tonight. I didnt get a reply, still havent but i was sitting in the car with my friend last night, which he is friends with and he said about did we want to go to the cinema but it was too late. He didnt know i was in the car and he asked how i was and what was i doing tonight.


Can anybody tell me what this means and what i should do. I was going to wait another 2 weeks to let his brother get away, wasnt going to text him or phone him or see him at all, let him miss me but it is killing me. I dont know if i should phone tonight and just be friends, asking how he is and stuff like that or leave it to thursday night cause he will be in his house on his own and stuff or just leave it completely to the 2 weeks is up.Can someone tell me what to do, i really need him back.

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You broke up with him because of his brother? Why? Since you broke up with him, do you think he'll take you back? What was the deal with his brother? You will need to talk to him, but I have learned that usually breaking up once is all you need and it's time to move on. There are always issues that come about when people break up...your emotions are clouding your judgement. Will his brother be out of the picture for good? Sounds like you're a bit confused-you probably should wait to talk to him though. I know seeing him places probably doesn't help at all! I've been in that position and it's torture. I don't really know what else to say. Just think about things and wait until his brother leaves.

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