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Feel so ugly and unhappy right now.

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For the past week haven't been feeling very good with myself. Men disapear from my life, they never want to stick around no one than a week. Don't feel as confident as a used to and it's worrying me so much.


Has anyone noticed if you feel ugly and you go out you don't get much attention from the oppisite sex or if you feel good within your like a magnet?

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It's all about the vibe you emit. The energy you surround yourself that attracts people to you.


If you;re feeling low on yourself and don't bother to hide it, your body language, stance, expressions and even the way you interact gives it away.


I think you focus too much on your happiness or self worth to be met by attention from people. Validation should come from within, aside the scrutiny of others.


You need to learn to love yourself before anyone can love you right?


And trust me, you're too good looking to be calling yourself ugly (but we ALL have our days, trust me)

You're probably just in a low because of some guy but you know you don't rely on him for your happiness.


When you begin to be totally self-sufficient in all areas in life (including LOVE...because you can love yourself, but having a guy around would be a nice little perk) you will begin to give out that message to others.

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Agreed 100% with Balbina. If you give off the "I hate myself!" vibe, that is what people respond to.


I am going to tell you this...I am an average looking girl. I'm a bit overweight, I'm hardly a supermodel, BUT...I love myself.


I love myself up and down and inside out. I love my mind, my body and my soul. So when I was single, men were instantly attracted to me. Personality and who you really are inside shines brighter than anything you can imagine.


Get to love you, and others can't help but follow your example...

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But your not ugly. If thats you in your avatar, your lovely!


Beyondthesea is right, its all in how you percive yourself. If you believe you are beautiful, then you will transmit this attitude to others around you.


And I like it when women have a touch of padding...so much more to love!

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