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What are your favorite comic books?


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Some of those comic books can have some pretty advanced concepts, especially nowadays.


I think they also spawned a love of science in me.


I love robots and other far out stuff...


And spent 5 years as an automation engineer designing and building them.


A vivid imagination is an asset to so many careers.


Thank you for the memories too Berysy.



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heres my list of manga

japanese comics if you dont already know




blade of the immortal


akira(absolutely amazing and far more in depth than the movie)

Priest(actually korean i think but amazing artwork)

metal gear solid(also amazing artwork

also read fat albert as a child


bat man


johnny the homicidal maniac(rather messed up)

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O.o Do online comics count? If so then Everafter is mine ^_^ *huggles and snuggles*




Oh yeah, online comics count for sure.


I like some of the comic book character based video games too, like Hulk and Spiderman.


Thanks for your posts Grapefruit and everyone so far.



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I enjoy X-Men, Generation X, The Amazing Spider-Man, and X-Factor


Anything that is X-traordinary, eh Ghostfreak.


I was let down by the X-men movie. (I thought Magneto was the high point.)


Also, speaking of Xs... I never liked the TV show X-Files...


Why... they never show the monster!


It's always some goo entrails that Scully steps in, or some spider web for David Ducovney to squint into...


Hey, goo and web are fine, but show me the friggin monster too.


How lame.



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Hi. My first post.


Favorite comics:


Punisher: MAX


100 Bullets




War Stories


Hi HeavyB,


I guess I must be getting old because I haven't heard of any of those titles. lol


You know, I really can't afford comics anymore, and just check out the ones at the library.


(I guess I look kind of foolish sitting there, 45 yo with a comic book.


Gosh, you're first post, I'm touched.


Thanks buddy, and welcome to ENA.



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This is funny cause I just posted on ebay all ther rest of comics that I dont want anymore. 6 long boxes. close to 2000 comics. I still have 4 boxes of personal stuff. I was an ASM fan, X-men. Some lesser know stuff as well that recently got big attraction to it becasue of the movie, GHOST RIDER, I loved that before the movie. Like early 80s late 70s. The new stuff, it is confusing, to many covers to choose from, alternates and 2-3-4 prints of the same issue. BLAH BLAH.. Its not about the stories anymore, at least not the big names. There have been some GREAT NEW STORIES with some old characters. Like SPACE GHOST, he recently had a mini series that rocked. I still collect older issues when I can find them as well. I like em. Comics..

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ah brings back memories of my weird step dad going ape on me for reading them at 9 and 10 years of age. Since y'know they got a little.. graphic and explicit.. i guess. assclown.


I saw the movie and had to read the comic books.


I liked Spawn the movie better than Batman 1.


Thanks everyone.



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Has anyone read the The WatchMen by Alan Moore? For me..its gotta be Spider Man the "Comic". When its bad its ok, when its good its !. No one looks better in tights then Spidey =D


I used to love Spiderman and the Hulk and the times they fought each other and with each other against a common foe.


Also, I really liked the Fantastic 4, and have been meaning to see the last movie.


Thanks Soulhi



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I've only read X-books my entire life: X-Men, Uncanny X-Men, X-Force, X-Factor, and various others. I have this affinity for mutants. I used to be into Spawn, Wildcats, Gen 13, and New Men...But most of those books are completely irrelevant now. I'm a casual comics fan now. Will pick one every now and again...

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