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What are your favorite comic books?


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Hello everyone,


What are your favorite comic books and what do you like about them?


Are you a seasoned DC fanatic? Or maybe you prefer Marvel comics.


Or both...


Geez, I wonder what a mint condition X-Men #1 is going for these days.


I myself have always liked Superboy and the Legion of Super Heroes.


You know, in the 30th century...


Mon-El, Matter Eater Lad, Saturn Girl, Chamelion Boy and of course his proto-plasmic pet Proty. (The brains of the outfit.)


What is the best graphic novel you have ever read and why?


I still like my 12 cent DC the best.


Also, the corney old ads crack me up... (Working Submarine Just $2.98! )


It is late out here so I am just going to post this and hit the hay.


Thank you everyone in advance for tasteful posting. and let's have fun. ( Long Friday eve. so I'll see you guys a little later.)





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Conan is cool. (I love his late night show just kidd.


I always liked Frazzetta's work.


Hey man, what's with Superman dying, and then becoming five separate dudes?


It's like tampering with the original Coca-Cola formula or something.


Maybe "Superman" needed a face-lift story-wise.


I remember some black and white "spooky" stories that were pretty awesome.


Also, I dug monster comics and Sci-Fi like "From Beyond the Unknown."


Thanks! Comic books rock!



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I have three hundred or so vintage comics of various titles from the X-Men genre packed in plastic sleeves in a crate. DC, Marvel, Gold Key... they were all great back in the day. The ones they put out now, I dunno... something about them just doesn't get it for me.


If you don't know who Flakey Foont and Fat Freddy's Cat are, though, you haven't lived.


Props to Zippy, and Bonnie and Trots...

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Yeah SB, I stopped buying them when they shot up to a couple bucks.


Also, some started using questionable language, like Robin said "She's just a Sl-t" in one.


I thought, geez they're going to resort to stuff like that... what a bummer.


I still find shops that have 20 cent'rs pretty cheap.


Lost a bunch of my best ones though.


There was a shop not far from me that had all kinds of Freak Brothers including some that are more like graphic novels. (Whoops, Fat freddies cat has done a bundle on Fat Freddie's pillow...)


I liked Charles Addams also... "Addams and Evil" was a good one.


Bob Crumb... I think he moved to France. I saw a doc. a couple years ago.



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Yeah Spugly, lay it on us.


Are those pretty new titles?


I will admit it has been awhile since I have purchased any.


I had a pretty good collection of Mad paperback books and Mags.


Also, they had a whole bunch of "not approved by the comics code" but not underground titles. They were mostly horror mags and were a bit larger than standard comics.


They were... pretty "graphic".


Thanks Spugly


You know what Isidore? (I kick myself for this) I had Swamp Thing 1, and 2.


They didn't seem sure it was going to fly at first.


The artwork was great.


Real "sword and Sorcery" type stuff.


He always has a mob of little demi-devils on his back. Some with extra heads growing out of their shoulders etc.


Swamp Thing was one of my favs.


There were several comics that almost floundered and some did and have become cult favorites.


"Anthro" and "Geek" from DC are two of the best.


I bet there are a lot like that now too... One hit wonders.



Thank you everyone!



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Okay Jeffrey,


It's been forever since I have seen a comic book. When I was little I use to spend the summer with my grandma, I use to walk to the corner store & get comic books, my favorite was Archie & Veronica comic books.I liked looking at the adds in the back of them. Did anyone ever order sea monkeys? I always wanted to but never did! haha


Thanks Jeff,



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Gee Berysy, did I let it slip that I had a huge stack of Archie comics?


(Gosh, please don't tell the others that I used to read those "sissy" titles.)


Yeah... Archie, Reggie, Jughead.... (I had a crush on Veronica)


Then, there was the Archie cartoon series on TV, remember that?


"Whoa, Everything's Archie."


Thanks Berysy!



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