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HPV shot

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I think the reason it's only recommended for women under 26 is that there is a very high chance that women over that age already have at least one of the strains it protects against. From what I've read, women over 26 can still get the shot, they just have to pay the full amount (depending on where you live). If you're a virgin or have been tested negative for HPV, it might be worth while, though it is expensive.


There is new evidence that Gardasil even protects men and they are considering making it available to them.


I'm thinking about getting the shot because I had a HPV scare earlier this year. The only problem is, I don't have the cash right now! I really think this stuff needs to be mandated.

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Yeah I've only had one sexual partner, but since the stats are so high about how many women will get HPV once in their life, I figured it wouldn't hurt. I was tested for it last year along with my STD tests and came up clean. And I'd like to keep it that way. I've also told my bf who hasn't been tested in ages for STDs to please be tested.


I had called my insurance because my doctor said they won't cover the whole cost, to see how much they'll cover. They said they'd cover up to $100 for the shot and my doctor said the shot cost I think $126 or so.


I think it should be mandated too considering how early people are becoming sexually active. No one wants genital warts or cervical cancer down the line.

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I think all women should check out getting the shot?Igot this question from a medical site.


Q.Can a virgin get HPV?


A. HPV is is transmitted through both sexual intercourse and sexual contact.Because genital contact can occur without penetration, it is possible for a virgin to contract HPV(oral sex or skin to skin contact of the genitals)


HPV can also be transmitted during childbirth from mother to baby, although this is considered to be rare.

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Why is this shot expensive?Ladies ,we need to protest because this is bull.Health care should be low cost or free.This is bull crap


I agree. In many countries it's mostly being paid for by the governement and patients are only expected to pay a small amount. In the US, it's being decided state by state. I know some states are expecting to make the shot mandatory for 6th graders by 2009. Other than that, women will be expected to pay the full amount.


Unfortunately, that's just one of many downsides to US healthcare.

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I've had 2 of the 3 shots. They hurt like hell, both were covered by my insurance (which is kinda crappy).


Most insurances will cover the cost of the shot up 26 years old, after that point I think you will need to pay. The reason being most people will have had enough sexual activity that will have already been exposed to the viruses. If you are a virgin then you risk is less.

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Yeah everyone who can have this shot, should get it. Here in Canada we are covered for it.. doesn't cost you anything.


And another reason, my friend who was 34 years old, died last year of cervical caner, she didn't have to die though, she never bothered with pap tests, and neither did I till she told me I should.....

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Sandy, I'm so sorry about your friend. Well, I'm over 26 and my doctor told me it wasn't even available at all to women over 26!

But, you are saying, if you are willing to pay for it, you can have it over the age of 26??

I think I need to get on the intenet and research this some.

I think it's unfair they only tested on women ages 9-26.. that's why it's only available for them. Women 26 and over are certainly having sex, and it's usually wiht someone who's had alot of partners by then also.

How many sex partners do you think a 16-24 year old guy has had. For some the number is countless, but for alot of other guys it's only a few.

I think the insurance company has left us high and die to only have it be for women under 27!

What were they thinking. Can you imagine there being an age limit on something like viagra?? Men wouldn't stand for it for a second.

Yeah, I agree. The government should be provided us this shot free of charge. Of course, there are alot of strains of HPV, and this shot doesn't take care of all of the ones that cause cervical cancer, but a few, and that's better than nothing, considering how deadly a disease cervical cancer can be.

I wonder who you could contact to get the pharmaceutical companies to give the green light on giving this vaccine to women over 27?

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No.. it makes no sense. And it's not yet available to men.


I disagree. I talked to my care provider about this because the virus is indeed so very common. Because many of the low-risk strains of HPV can "go away on their own", women who've had HPV scares can still get the shot because it will aid in warding off more high-risk strains if a woman encounters one later in life. At least that's what I was told. Also, when a woman has an abnormal pap, the cells are dysplastic and the doctor can only ASSUME that it's from HPV until further tests are done. Sometimes, it isn't even HPV that caused the dysplasia. I'm an advocate for all women getting this shot.

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