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Having trouble.. she keeps contacting me..

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My girlfriend who broke up with me about a month ago after being together for 1.5 years, still keeps contacting me. I still want her back, and everytime she contacts me, it makes me think there is a chance. About a few days ago, she texted me 3 times, saying hello. I ignored all 3, but then she called a left a message crying. I was busy so I texted her I will call her later, and she responded with "are you over me?" I did not answer, but did call her later. We somehow ended up meeting, which brought back all the old feelings, but I tried not to show them. We talked about everything, and she told me how miserable she is and how much she thinks about me. I was getting signs that she wanted to try again, so I asked her and she said she was unsure. She said she kept thinking about all the times we would fight and it would make her crazy, and at that point is was pointless for me to even try to say anything because nothing would affect her. Why does she do this to me? I still want her back, but I am tired of asking for her abck and being rejected. I always go NC and she always calls me or texts me every couple days.. its just so hard. Is there a chance we could still work? Or should I give up?


BTW, a friend of mine saw her at another friends house the last weekend, and he told me she was asking about me, about if I miss her or not... and she looked really depressed

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i broke up with my boyfriend of 3.5 years, and i had all the same feelings/silly actions of this girl...

i still do from time to time. That guy was my best friend and i can't imagine life without him in it. But i just wasn't happy with him, and i don't think i was good for him. Its still really hard to let go, but it happens with time.

she still cares about you and she wants to know how things are with you.

she probably worries when you aren't around....

a long relationship is a big void to fill.... this is how she's handling it.

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