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Out of the Friends-Zone, Getting IN Relaionship


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Hi Everyone,


I've been kind of seeing this girl that I met at work. I am 22, she is 21. I actually found a new position at another company so we will not be working together.


Now to my question. We actually met randomly in a different city (long story) before we even met each other at work. We've played soccer together and went running together.


This past Saturday we went out to dinner, just ourselves, to a restaurant. The 'date' went extremely well and there wasn't a dull moment. We even setup future 'dates' for us to do - play raquetball, buy stuff for our new places, etc...


The question is, I don't want to get stuck in the friends zone. How do I step it up and give her a vibe that I want to date her. She is an awesome girl with many qualities, however, she seems very busy. When she's with me it seems like she's really into me, however, it's really hard to get a hold of her.


I really have no idea if she's sending vibes or not - i'm clueless! Does anyone have any tips on how to get into the "relationship-zone"?



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I have through books and real life experience discovered that, its recommended to establish your interest as soon as posible, I am not saying you should come on to a person right away, but in a very casual way, make it known that the reason your with them is because you have more than a friendly interest in them.


In your case its a bit difficult because you have known each other before ,and its a casual thing you have.


You are definatly going to have to make the first move here, you need to enter in a bit of romance, and show, your interest.

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We've only went out ONE time by ourselves, and I haven't been 'seeing' her for 2 months, i've KNOWN her for that long.


So basically, when we go out shopping this weekend, hopefully, it will be only our second outing together.


What do you think? How cna i pull it off?

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