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Should I tell him how I feel?

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Hi, I have other posts on here about my situation, you can go and check them out if you want. Anyways basically feelings for my ex have come back after spending a 4 day weekend with him a few weeks ago. The reason we broke up in the first place was because he was moving. That was really the only reason we broke up. He feels he can't do LDR's. Anyway, in the summer I will be moving closer to him for school. I will be about 4 hours away from him. I have thought this through and I know that we can make it work. Or at least try. I will have every friday off from school so I can go see him every weekend and he can also come see me. My problem is that I don't know if I should tell him how I feel, or just let him come to me. My mom says that if I give him his space and time, he will come around. But my friends tell me to tell him how I feel. I just don't want to overwhelm him or pressure him into anything. So, what do you guys think I should do? Should I tell him? Or keep my mouth shut? Thanks a bunch!

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Well I am really not sure. I mean, he could tell me he feels the same and that he wants to give it another shot. But i doubt it. I think he will either say that he has feelings but doesn't feel it would work because of the distance or something like that or that he doesn't feel the same. I could be wrong though, he has surprised me in the past.

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