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What is it i cant shake this feeling

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I dont understand it, im a outgoing, fun, friendly girl who is nice and hasnt done anything nasty in all her life always gets treated like crap and is always the in between girl when it comes to guy?


Now im fed up and im really starting to hate every man on this planet regardless of whether or not they are nice.


Every guy i have ever been out with has always cheated on me lied to me or beated me up and then after they dump me they find "the one" and they are always treated better than i am.


I have always tried to be myself round guys i dont try to be too blonde and i try to get involved with as much things a possible with or with out the guy im seeing at the time


what do i do

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Perhaps you're more mature than these guys are, and it's difficult for them to handle that. My cousin is 27, and she's dating a guy a few years younger than her who's definitely not at the same stage she is, regardless of age. My point is, in time you'll find someone to appreciate you for who you are. For the time being, don't give up. Try to truly get to know a guy before you start dating him. And I don't just mean learning about what he does for a living and whatnot.


Best wishes,


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I have had the same trouble. I think my biggest problem is I always ignored the 'red flags' that would go up early on, like one bf always introducing me as his 'friend' even after a year of dating, or another one always leaving his cell phone at home when taking me out or keeping it turned off, and one not letting me visit his home after 3 months of dating.


Perhaps just focus on being friends with guys for a while, watch for the 'red flags' and trust your instincts. I agree with Elena, you will find a great guy in time.


Take care


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I'm not sure why you keep getting treated that way, but I have an optomistic thought for you...


Since you obviously know how bad relationships can be, when you finally find that guy that's going to treat you right, you'll feel extra super happy to be finally getting the love you deserve!


Just thought of something...maybe you're TOO nice, and these guys are taking advantage of that? Maybe you just need to stand up for yourself. Let them know you're not going to take any crap!

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