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oops, and there goes Ms Opprtunity... grr..

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There's a really stupid thing I do. A lot. Too often. makes me hate myself. Maybe you can help me out....

I tend to freeze at the wrong moment.Allright, about a few hours ago I was watching a movie at the movie festival.I find a spot and sit down, then I notice this totally hot babe is sitting next to me, by herself.

The movie starts, I'm thinking: "Maan, I'd like to know more of her", in my mind I plan that as soon as the movie finishes I'll offer her to maybe grab a coffee and get to know each other, maybe chat about the movie. I'm loaded with confidence.The movie ends, now i'm thinking I should talk to her before she leaves.

I don't. I just stand there. Oops , there, she's gone. I go after her. I see her again. I'm thinking go talk to her, I get past her. I stop. Now that's the part where I'm supposed to catch my chance before it's too late. I don't.

And then, oops, she's gone. Another wasted oportunity. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!!


It's not like I don't know how to start a conversation or anything. Maybe it's just the lack of eye contact. Maybe I shoulda talked to her as soon as I saw her. Maybe I should I have gotten really really close to her. Maybe not that. hmmm darn...


Other messed up thing I do.

I meet a girl. she clearly shows signs she's interested in me. I run away. Not litteraly but I basically find some excuse to get the heck out of there. hmmm...



Other messed up thing I do.

I meet the girl, we chat, we have loads of fun. I think she's totally hot. I never make a move. We become friends. Oh yes, just friends.

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Carpe diem dude!

sieze the day! go for it right then and there and start talking as soon as you see her I reakon!

even worse would be that while you're plotting and planning some other guy walks up and starts talking to her...


women aren't an alien species, I just talk to them like they're my mates and I have done alright in my life with ladies...except for one...but that's another story!

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