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ex's name constantly in my face

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lately...my ex's name in many ways has been in my face whether its someone i meet....i saw a boat named after her......tv........walked into gym her friend says oh my i just texted xxxxxxx......it s like i cant get away from it




shes always on my mind...its been 3 months



is this normal

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dont worry about it too much and dont try and listen for the name as well. i am in the same situation as you are, but i am kind of used to it because my ex's name is probably the 3rd most common male name in the United States and 5 of my colleagues at work have the same name and its everywhere, on TV, books, work, coffee shops, etc. you'll get over it one day... you are probably still healing so dont sweat it too much. its normal!

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There's an acronym for that, RAS (Reticulated Activating System) it is used in marketing a lot.


It basically means you are atuned to a particular word or object and you notice it as if it is shaded bright pink. It gives you the impression that the item you are atuned to is suddenly all around you.

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