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I need something to do!!

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Ok, here's some background info...

Me & my bf were in the same art class when he was a senior & i was a junior... we both really liked each other, but didn't know what each other felt. We weren't at all friends, we never even talked, but I felt like there was something special about him. Well, once he graduated, I was sad because I thought I would never see him again. I felt horrible not letting my feelings out. Well, the summer passed & I was still trying to forget him, but couldn't. Then one day, during senior year, one of his friends gave me a note he wrote to me. It said how he felt & that he regretted never letting me know, but he just didn't have the guts because he didn't think I felt the same. He was a freshman in college, only he was home for winter break, so I called him & we decided to hang out. I only saw him like every other weekend, but we officially became boyfriend & girlfriend in March. Once summer came, we spent everyday together & became best friends. I really feel like he is the person I want to be with for the rest of my life. Well, now he is back at college & I miss him so much. We see each other on the weekends. We talk everyday, but I feel like I need to see him more than once a week, or else I will be depressed.

Here's what I need some advice on....I know I shouldn't base my happiness around him, but its so hard not to because I'm happier than ever when we are together. I need some ideas of what I can do to take my mind of him every single minute of the day. I'm in college now too, but I still live at home. I'm thinking that homework will be taking up some of my thinking & I might be getting a job soon, so that could take up some time. I could really use some other ideas...

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This sounds pretty wonderful.


Well it it obvious that you love the hell out of this guy but you cannot change the amount of time you see him for.


Think of it as an advantage to your relationship. You see him every weekend so you have more time to think about things to say to him when you see him. You also can't get bored with eathother!


Just be glad that you are with him and that you do have something between you both!


If you can't stop thinking about him then thats a good thing. Think about him and then call him!. Once you called him get on with the rest of your day - EG homework, housework etc.


Good luck!


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