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My brother's girl is getting nasty!

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Hi readers,


It's been a small issue for the last 12 months I guess, that is, my brother Gordon has a girlfriend 'Michelle' who since originally meeting her has got extremely comfortable swearing around me and my family. On Nov the 18th they left college to live in a more conventional De Facto relationship down here on my parents farm, I had moved down in July to live at my parent house after having spent years in the City. They are living in our old little farm cottage, and because I already had furniture from my living away from home I was relatively content to help them out by lending them furniture at the start or until I may need it again.

The first week they moved in, no thanks for the use of furniture was given, they turned up to a meal at my parents house at least once a day for the last month. Each time - Michelle who I will call Shell to shorten, would wear a peak hat to cover her eyes to avoid eye contact at all the meals - which I considered was deliberate. Not only did she often ignore my presense, she openly degrades my job which is part time and my help on the farm. Shell started a new job as a Agricultural specialist, working full time, and she compares me to her all the time. "Why don't you get a real job and pass me the food!". She has criticized my already slender sister's waist which is only size 8-10 as being too pot like. Without consulting my brother, while he was away one weekend she bought firstly 2 pigs later buying within a few days 6 ducklings and 5 chickens with her...

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The pets were purchased, she comes over to our house and expects to be fed good meals - because she has spent half of her monthly pay to buy the pets. I don't think she ever thinks about serious things such as animal right's and her own need to manage her money to survive and keep them for their life. Her excuse is, "Ohh well if I don't want them, I will just eat them!", that's not fair to a certain degree - because it makes my mum and I want them to eat here more - just to let the baby animals live a little longer and keep my brother and her happier.

New Year's Eve - last night - the icing on the cake - was that my boyfriend and I went out to town to meet up with them and I thought that would be fine, the theme was Paint the Town Red so it was encouraged in the local paper to wear something red, and because it was cold Seb and I wore red woolen skivvies - matching. Her first comment on seeing us was "Ohhh my God (jockingly but with nasty flames) you're Gay Sebby - I mean who wears a Red skivvy - you are never going to live it down!"

This was repeated throughout the evening by both Shell and Gordon, gosh it made me mad. I just want to know what I can do to tell her and my family that her antics make me upset and to Seb, why can't she stop wrecking her own and my relationship by picking people to pieces and lacking appropriate communication? Her own way of yelling at Gordon is with all the swear words in front of my lovely, caring parents and then getting in her car and driving away - which has made Gordon match this behaviour and he too, drives away. My biggest issue is her disrespect and how my mum and dad don't say anything - not even subtle hints that we don't want to tolerate that behaviour/language in our house! Please give me any tips to dealing with Shell and convincing my parents that is has gone too far? Desperate for advice - feeling disappointed and sad! Sal M.

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