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i just want to thank everyone who replied to all of my topics

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As some of you know i liked a guy but today i found out he doesn't feel the same. he is into someone else. And you know what i am fine with that,i really do think its the best thing for me and will help me to get over him and stop analysing every single one of his moves. I'm sorry if i annoyed you with the same questions over and over but i couldn't help it i was infatuated. It's his loss and i can find someone 10 million times better who will like me for me and find me interesting. So thankyou again especially to batya you've been fantastic. I'm leaving now good luck to all of you with your relationships i hope everything works out for you like it has for me. i mean that in a good way,its a good thing and if someone doesn't see how special you are they're not worth it because you know what you are special. So thanks again I'm out.

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Hi Sparkly,


I don't think I've replied to any of your messages before so first of all nice to meet you.


You will have to excuse me not reading your previous threads yet, I'm sooo sleepy this morning, but I just wanted to reply for a couple of reasons.


Firstly to say I'm sorry that things didn't work out for you as you might of hoped but that I'm impressed by your positive attitude, it really is spot on.


But the second and most important thing I wanted to say is don't leave the forums. You have just gone through a life experience the sharing of which could be invaluable to future members, to others who find themselves in the same boat as you are/were. And if you could get some of your inner strength and your positivity in adversity to transfer to others that would also be a great service. What I'm saying is, you have a lot to give. And you clearly have some friends here who will be sad to see you go.


Anyway, I can't affect your decision but I'm just saying it would be a shame, that's all. I wanted to reply because many of the regulars are not here at this time and I wouldn't want you to walk off into the sunset without someone trying to get you to stay.


Please reconsider. Take care, and wish you all the best...

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