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Emotional abuse after a breakup

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Has anyone here been verbally emotionally abused after a breakup? My ex is focussing on the immediate aftermath of the split where we argued via txt msgs. She won't allow closure and instead is abusive to me when we see each other. Due to this I have decided not to see her, i.e. NC. TBH, i now see she was abusive in the 4 weeks before the split, I just didn't pay too much attention to it because i was in love. It was as if she went through a phase of devalueing me before she got ready to split. Any of this sound familiar? I'm still trying to get over it

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Hey Mr.


Check out my thread-thingie on "The worst thing that could have happened". I too bore the brunt of an emotionally abusive ex. Worst time of my life. But, I'm glad to say that I'm over it now. It exhausted me, I exhausted myself, but 6 months on I am free as a bird, in the best shape of my life and all the better for it. I value myself, and so should you.


It's the ********st feeling in the world, I know, I sympathise, it will get better. After that horrible incident, I started NC and it worked like a charm.


The f***er is now a poor lonely soul, addicted to drugs and has decided not to wear shoes anymore. I pity him.


Move on, there are 6 billion people out there! And they're all waiting for you! Go on, go experience LIFE!


Best of luck, and don't be a victim anymore!

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