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Recap: Five Months Later

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Hello all, it has been about five months since I have last posted here,and in those five wonderful months, my life has turned around from the negative slump it has been in to a better one.


In case you are unaware why my life was sitting in the dumps for a bit, here is a link to that one thread that I made after the break-up that I experienced about seven months ago.


Here is a link making a reference to a post I made last year about this one girl that I like.


I would like to happily announce that I am Graduating this year, but this is not the point. I actually want to announce that the girl in the topic in the link above is my Grad Prom Date, and she is the most wonderful person to me, which makes it even more special to me. I work with her mom, so this serves as a somewhat benefit because she knows who I am. Her mother knows me both personally and professionally and thinks that I am a great person. She recently told me that she would like her daughter and I to be together, apparently, she had learned that her daughter and I are very fond of eachother and harbour feelings for eachother. I love her greatly, and knowing how she feels about me makes the pain of my previous relationship dissapate. For once, I feel better about myself.


So simply put, by making references to both threads listed above, I feel that I am doing better that I have been during the times when those threads were created. Thanks everyone for your support, it has been greatly appreciated.


I will be around in the future.


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