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didnt know exactly where to post this at.


So the other day i was on the internet talking with friends and my ex instant messages me. Now i have not really had a conversation with her in about 4 months and prior to that was 3 months. So we have been in low contact, but more of the fact no contact. I blocked her on the internet and deleted her numbers and yea everything. When i was with her friends i never mentioned her name or brought her up. But she was on another name the other night and i.m.ed me (one i did not know about).


real quick summary ex broke up with me in August of '06 wasnt in love with me anymore. She did it in person. wasnt about another guy or anything just fell out of love. we just hit a year the day before she broke it off. I never told her i was going into no contact just did it. Never broke down and begged for her back. Except for one incident but i was drunk and yea i acted like that never happened. That is also another post if u wish to see that jsut let me know. I have come along way since august and must say im a lot better off now without her. If you need more information to the break up let me know i can find my previous posts of the entire story.


She caught me in a good mood so i decided to be nice and just talk with her. It was a basic conversation. Just a hey how are u doing type of conversation caught up on some of the things we have done over the past 7 months. Conversation went on probably for about 30-40 min. She begins to talk about how she is throwing a party this friday and invited me to come!


So what gives? I have not really talked to this girl in almost a year. Ignored her when we would pass each other when walking to classes (we are in college). Wouldnt even tell her hi. Comepletey shut her out of my life and never gave her the chance to get back in up until the other night. So why would she offer this to me? Why would she want me back in her life?


i never gave her a answer about the party. I kinda just brushed it off as if i didnt realize she invited me. So the next day she i.m.ed me again asking if i was coming to the party. So i guess she wants me to come. I do not know how to approach this. Should i go? or save myself the hassle and just dont go? I wanna go but on the other hand i dont want to go because i put so much effort into making myself heal i didnt want to throw it away or set myself back over one night. So i keep telling her i have not decided to buy myself more time.


Any suggestions or opinions on this would help



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i really don't think i would show up to this one. personally, i find it really strange that she would im you out of the blue to invite you to a party after she broke it off and hasn't spoken to you in seven months. It doesn't seem to sit right with me, and since you could have still been very much in love with her when she stopped feeling for you, you would have had a harder recovery from it, which it seems you have been, and you wouldn't want to revisit memories that would make you stressed and emotional again. You have come so far and gotten over this, I wouldn't want to put all of that on the line again to go to a party that you don't have an obligation to go to.

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