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is she into me or just friendly?

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some of you might of read my post about a girl i just met. well i met another one and i need to know if she is interested in me or not. since you werent there to see what happened i will try to explain everything.

the first time i saw her i made eye contact with her and smiled. she smiled back but she seemed to be smiling longer than usual. the next time i saw her i smiled again but this time i added a wave. again it seemed she couldnt keep the smile from her face. the next few times made small talk with her and yet again she was smiling ear to ear but she seemed to be a little shy so thats all i picked up from her. i started thinking to myself this could be going somewhere. the next time i saw her (if your wondering how we run into each other so much it is because i work at a ski hill and she snowboards there) anyways the next time i saw her she had lipstuff on and had her hair done nice and i thought it was kind of weird that she would get fixed up nice just to go boarding. i operate the lifts at the hill and it is very odd for someone to use my shoulder for support when loading the lift, but sure enough she did then she turned around and looked at me and when i looked at her she turned back around quickly.

my question is pretty much this?....is she into me or is she just a really nice, friendly girl who likes to smile at people and its just my imagine running wild?

please reply ASAP as i have work tmw and i know for a fact shell be there. i want to know as soon as possible before she loses interest (if she was interested to begin with)

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If you're getting these signs she may well be into you, but yeah, as shikashika said, she also might not be!


Why not assume she might be, and have a gentle flirt with her or ask her for a coffee or something. So what if she turns you down, if you are relaxed and friendly about it she'll be flattered there should be no hard feelings.

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