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Calling back


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Too hard to call from what you've said. Sometimes relationships just shift from that intense keenness to something more manageable. he might have stuff going on as well.


What else makes you suspicious, and what kind of frequency of calls and timeframes of him not calling you back are you talking about?


Do you see each other face to face as well? How do those plans go?

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Well sort of, but how often is "but now convienently falls asleep or doesnt feel good" compared to the times he is able to talk? Does he sound distracted? Has he said he is tired/busy?


I personally think 3-4 times a day is a lot, but 5 mins a time is not much.


Why not just ask him when would be a better time to catch up and have a more in-depth conversation, but just one for the day? Also, why not organise a secomd date and see for yourself what his interest is?

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here's an example..... i left him a voicemail froday evening to see if he wanted to hang out that weekend. I didn't get a call back until Monday afternoon because he had a cold all weekend. when i talked to him yesterday he said he'd call me before he went to bed & again... no call.

one day last week he called me just to tell me he was working late & would call me after work & he did.

Maybe I am looking too much into all this?

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I think the not calling all weekend because he had a cold sounds lame. Couldn't he have at least texted you or called to say he couldn't but thanks anyway?


If he was truly keen nothing would stop him from making a better effort. Last night just reinforced it.


I would not say he is a player necessarily, but yes his ardour has cooled. He does not seem terribly interested and it might not be worth you wasting too much more effort here.

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Maybe you should try waiting a while to call again to see if the interest/chemistry is really there. If he calls you and asks you a few days in advance to hang out, then he's probably still interested in dating. If he doesn't call, well then you know he's not interested. I don't think its a good idea to call on a Friday and ask to hang out that weekend...and if he did that to you I wouldn't accept the date because it makes it seem like one person thinks the other is just hanging around not making plans and waiting for the other to call.


Also, since you're not a couple and have only been on one date, I don't think his cold excuse is necessarily a big deal. He may just have had a cold and decided that getting back to you was not a priority until he felt better because you're not in a relationship yet or he didn't really have a cold and he's just lost interest.

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the week after our first date he called me saturday morning to hang out that day. Luckily I had just made plans with my brother (being the sucker i am, i would have accepted even though it was last second). we live about 40 minutes from each other & have both been working alot lately. But he also knows that my life is slowing down as of this week & have more free time.

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well this weekend will be 3 weeks since our date. i've decided that i'm not going to blow him off completely, but i'm going to try to let go of any romantic feelings. hey, you can never have too many friends! & as for if it was more me or him that couldnt hang out, it was a mix. thanks for the advise everyone!

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