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fallin out of love

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my girlfriend and i broke up 4 and abit mnths ago as she was movin abroad to work, i wa sin love with her and she was with me also but said she couldnt go out with me as she had been hurt before and was already going overseas for 6mnths and didnt feel she could do it right now, said she needed time and that this would be good for us to take time and build the strength etc. she went through a really hard time for a long time about a yr ago and is stil abit scared to get close just yet.


anyways so i got really upset and we went through a really hard time the mnth leading up to her leaving for overseas, we fell out completely and she told me to leave her alone and that we never were going to get back together etc but then she got upset and said she loved me and is just scared and doesnt wnat to hurt me etc anyways so i moved on and started to get to know new ppl even though i still loved my ex, the thing is she wants to get back together, shes asked me to wait for her to come home and she will wiat for me but i feel like im falling or have fallen out of love with her, is this pssible?????

my question is can you fall out of love with people beacuse their not here with you??????

i really need to know this!

or is it maybe because of everything we went through before she left?

i just feel like ive fallen out of love with her because shes not here, i do still love and care about her lots just not in love.....pls help

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In my opinion it is very possible, from the situation it sounds alot like a big reason my ex broke up with me. We lived 3 hours apart and because of that it was really hard to satisify her needs. Obviously she hurt you when she said she couldn't be with you because she was going to be away for 6 months. That probably put you into an emotional state where you started the grieving process and started to move on. Now she's saying she wants you to wait, but you already started moving on and are unsure what to do. Correct? Well it is possibly, you have needs she's probably not meeting them, she hurt you by breaking up with you. This is a decision your going to have to make, good luck, its a tough one

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