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can't relate.....

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so i hope this doesnt come accross really pointless sounding, its kind of out of interest but:


Q - in your experience, after an amiable split from a relationship (because of circumstances or something rather than a falling - out etc) and you hook up

randomly with someone you dont really know (even just first base at a party or something) then what is going through your mind to justify being with them when you wouldnt with the person you split from who you had something meaningful and are still friends with? i cant think of anything.



do you find yourself feeling 'cheap'. it kind of feels like the only thing to feel.



i know it is silly to ask because it will always be different, but in your experience...?

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Well if it was just a random hookup then you aren't with them, are you? thereforeeee there's nothing to justify...maybe you just did it cuz you could, I know after my ex and I broke up, I had my fun, there's no need to justify it as anything other than having fun while being single.

My apologies in advance if I misunderstood your question.


PS- I've felt cheap at times, depending on who I hooked up with [wow I'm making it sound like it was a constant thing...]

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hi thanks.


i think you did understand. im just having trouble trying to understand what else changes you have been apart from someone for a while that makes it that you would go there with someone you dont really know but not with someone who you used to.


i mean what is it about an ex that means you wouldnt go there any more? i still have more respect and everything for an ex than a stranger, but somehow a stranger is more acceptable


and that sounds suspiciously like something she would write on sex & the city (but less witty) so i shall stop

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