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Pills for male enhancement

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Whether it be for longer lasting or for that whole penis enlargement thing, have any of you guys tried the stuff and if you had please post your results.


I took a pill last night called Stamina RX and it seemed like it did something, I never got tired giving her a back rub and was able to (climax) at least twice.


However afterward my head was spinning and I couldnt sleep for about an hour.


Talk to me guys.

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A few things that work


PDE-5 Inhibitors: Viagra, Cialis, even L-arginine (very mild though)


For older guys needing hormone replacement: Prescription testosterone, DHEA, HCG, pregnenelone etc


Heard good and bad things about jelqing. Have no reason to want to try it.


I could always last longer when I used ephedrine (for other purposes). Ephedrine tends to reduce libido.

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Those pills aren't most likely legit otherwise all men would take them.


During the whole excitment climatic phase, there are 2 nervous systems involved, the parasympathetic is involved in erection and the sympathetic in ejaculation.


The parasympathetic nervous system is called our rest and digest nervous system and the sympathetic is the fight or flight system.


So most likely, this medicine claims to increase blood flow to the penis region which allows for an increased erection, which would be related to your parasympathetic nervous system.


Nitric oxide, a key component to viagra, also causes this type of dilation of the vessels to allow increased blood flow there.


Now, here's the dilemma, the concept is great and all, but any of these type of ergogenic aids, over the counter, are NOT regulated by the FDA so they could include any ingredient they desire without telling the consumer. Remember phen phen and the heart problems that resulted, don't let that be you.


If you need help in this area, then see your MD to diagnose the cause.


Hugs, Rose

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A supplement is usually banned once it is deemed effective. Unfortunately that is true more often than not.


Most supplements I would suggest are not the type you can walk into GNC and buy. OTC supps tend to be milder with fewer side effects. Doesn't mean they are completely ineffective.


I'd also just get Rx meds as Rose said. Just wait until the male b/c pill comes out and the average guy learns what it is like to have an 18 year olds testosterone flowing through his veins at 35 years old....


Make the little herbal test boosters seem like candy in a pill


I am surprised yohimbe is somehow still OTC. the stuff works but has potential cardiac implications

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