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curious, any girls try to hold back orgasm for prolonged pleasure?


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I know for me, if I'm getting close to orgasm, I don't always want to let it happen right away. I like to keep myself just on the edge for as long as I can where everything just feels unbelievable hot, until I can't take it anymore.

Any time I've gotten a girl off it was always, just keep going until she comes. I'm wondering, if I were to stop, or slow it down and tease her as to prolong the pleasure when she's just about to climax, would this be a good idea? I know if a girl is giving me head, I love it when she slows down and does little licks when I'm real close to cumming.

Do girls experience this the same way, or will slowing down or teasing cause them to loose the mood and make me have to start over.


I've never really tried it, because, well usaully there telling me not to stop, and I love the satisfactions of getting them off, and don't want to mess it up.



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