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Temper tantrums...HELP!

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I used to throw bad temper tantrums.


If I can recall, the only thing that worked was when my parents were calm--not yelling or getting angry. When they got angry, I got more upset.


What they did was told me to go to my room and to not come out until I was ready to be "civilized". I hated being cooped up in my room, so I'd get my act together.

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I'm certainly not the expert with temper tantrums! My daughter just had one last night (she'll be 4 in June.) While they are more out of the norm for her now, we used to experience them quite often.


How old is he? You all didn't give in did you? Has she tried time out in a time out zone or his bedroom?


I found that for my daughter, the best thing was to take her to her room and calmly advise when she could come out when she finished her tantrum. I'd check on her often and tell her it's okay to be upset and tell mommy she's upset but not in that manner. She usually calmed down within a few minutes.

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My grandson is addicted to that Cars movie. He watches it everyday, over and over. Now, I don't approve of that, but I am careful not to criticize my daughter and son in laws' parenting skills.


Again, perfectly fine. Being out in the sun is best, but watching this show gives him a sense of stability in what seems to him an unstable time.

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My son...who is now 20...used to lay on the floor in the market and yell and scream when I said "no"...that he couldn't have something. He was 2 1/2.

My mother in law told me to do/say this..


I announced....in my outside voice...


"Hey everyone...everyone? LOOK ! My son Russell is going to throw a FIT!!! "Lets all watch !!!"...


Russell IMMEDIATELY got up off the floor and hid behind my leg...and was quiet as a mouse for the rest of the visit to the store.


What did it do? When he threw tantrums it embarrassed ME....and sometimes he would get what he wanted because I would get him something to shut him up. Baad parent. What that announcement did was take the attention he thought I hated...(which I did) and gave it fully to him. He wasn't going to get his prize for his bad behavior...and he had a lot of strangers staring at him.


He never did it again.

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Wow. I'm not a mother but I think this is an awesome idea.


What worked when I was little was just not paying attention to me at all. I used to throw tantrums where I would be in the street with my parents and refuse to walk forward. At first they begged and pleaded, but then they just kept on going. You can bet I was running after them within about 5 secs!

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