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So i have a couple issues going on with the guy ive been seeing..he is busy with his infant son..so i dont hear much those days.


Usually though he has contacted me either in the morning, evening, or both to say hi, miss you, thinkin of you, etc


This morning, I decided i would initiate a good morning text..this was 9 am..its past 12..not one damn word. It doesnt bother me much, but I cant help but analyze something is wrong even though last time it turned out hes just busy at work (salesman for a large corporation) and couldnt get back to me..no biggie. SO how do I chill out?


I think part of the reason I freak is im paranoid...for two reasons...number one he still has his online profile up, but hidden..but i see him go on it as recently as last week (although i was on too so he could argue that...ive since removed mine)


Second reason..a few weeks ago when he was being flaky and uncertain i went on a couple dates (nothing happened, save a quick peck) and I worry somehow he will find this out and hate me though I had been told by him he was unsure and we hadnt officially become exclusive.

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Thanks..glad im not alone...the dates happened about 5 weeks in (its 2.5 months now) and he shortly after confirmed i am his GF, we've done things together, hung out with the fam, etc.


As I said last time it turned out nothing was wrong and he thanked me for being so patient with him and showed me his appreciation for being so calm and adult about it. What he doesnt know is i was secretly freaking that he was going to break up with me..but instead we got closer (so glad i didnt freak out).


I get a great vibe from him through contact and time together...but still i think im getting to best of myself..need to just sit back and cool it.

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