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An Update on my Situation!

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I haven't been on here for a while, but I wanted to update you guys who have been following my story and offering me advice.


Brief Recap: High school sweetheart cheated on me and broke up with me after 2.5 years together, saying she didn't love me as a boyfriend anymore. Went through weeks and weeks of tears, depression, laziness, did NC for a month, wanted her back more than anything.


After 2.5 months a former teacher of mine emailed me and said he had a student who wanted a date for Valentine's Day, so he wanted to set me up on a blind date. I still didn't feel like I was completely over my ex, but I had been doing better recently, so I actually agreed.


The blind date was wonderful! The girl was cute, funny, smart, lots of similar interests. We've gone on two dates since then and we are going on another this weekend. I'm trying to take things slow (we haven't even kissed yet) because I don't want to rush into anything. I have so much fun whenever I am with her.


The best part is, I think I have truly grasped that my ex and I were not meant for each other. NC was helpful in making me realize I could live without her. I tried to limit myself from checking her Facebook profile online, but I got weak from time to time and checked. As much as it hurt at the time (and believe me, I can't even describe how much it hurt) I think seeing her send messages/take pictures with other guys helped me move on.


I still have the occasional bump along the road and lots of things still remind me of my ex, but I can now talk/think about her without experience all of that pain and hurt. The new girl has a lot to do with it, too. She has made me realize that there are other girls out there just as fun, pretty, and engaging as my ex.


My relationship with my ex was my first relationship ever, so I'm not really sure how rebounds work ... maybe this new girl is a "rebound". All I know is that I am 100% okay with the idea that I will never be with my ex again and I can't wait to see where things go with this new girl.


Thanks for all the help and support from you guys when I was going through the roughest of times. You guys are the best!

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I am real happy for you. Rebounds can be tricky. I have been on both ends.


You need to ask yourself. If you ex wanted to get back with you, would you ditch your new girlfriend? If you say you would, then the flame for your ex is still burning. If that is the case don't rush into things with your new girlfriend. Taking things slow always works out better anyway. Just enjoy yourself, and be thankful you have someone to date. There are many like myself who haven't been on a date since our ex's left us.

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Hey guys,


Well, this new girl is not exactly my "girlfriend", we've only gone on a couple dates ... don't want to get ahead of things.


But I can honestly say that if my ex told me today that she wanted to try again, I would not say yes. Maybe down the line we could try again, but not right now. I'm heard from friends that she has changed so much, she gets drunk at nearly every opportunity, is letting her schoolwork suffer, hooking up with guys she doesn't even know. I didn't think she could ever be like that when we were together, but I see now she had all this "bad-girl" stuff built up inside her.


NC and deleting her name from my AIM really helped me in the healing process.

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