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How should I approach Spring Break?

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Next week is spring break and I am going to my friends property in North Carolina. It is just gonna be Me and him with his girlfriend of 2+ years and her friend. I am really attracted to her friend. I took her out on a date already and have talked to her multiple times on the phone but I dont know how I should approach Spring Break because I will be movin in with my friend and the girls will be living with eachother. That means that I will be seein a lot of this girl. Which is a good thing but she just got out of a six year relationship.



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Welcome to ENA Cashmoney! Love the username dude, great to have you here...


I was like "What is this dude's problem anyway? He's totally overthinking this. Sounds like money to me..."


Until I read your last line there about the recent ending of her 6-year relationship...


Well, what can you do? There is no such thing as a perfect setting for a potential relationship, there's always something...


The best advice I can think to give you is go into Spring Break thinking it is just that, a break. Don't get your hopes up about a long-term relationship with her or any relationship for that matter. Don't expect it or get attached to the idea of it. Don't think past the day you are enjoying together doing whatever it is you find yourselves doing...


In short, let go of all this constrictive overanalyzation and keep things going as they have been as it sounds like you guys are doing pretty good.


Go have some fun dude, that's what I'm trying to say... 0X

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Man I'm so jealous that sounds awesome!


If you are looking for a relationship with this girl just be prepared for everythign that comes with it. I was in a 5 yr relationship right before I met my hubby.


As a man, you have to realize that you might have to take it slow. Also, 6 years is a long time, especially if your younger! Thats like a quarter of her life! So don't be alarmed if she is still close with the ex's family, friends, or even talks to the ex once in a while. It depends on the situation. Don't freak out if you see that her ex called, just remember that he used to be a big part of her life and you can't always just drop someone out of your life as if they died!


This would obviously take alot of trust on your part. So if you are seriously interested in this girl, just know what you are getting into and you will be fine. Have RESPECT for her needs even if they make you uncomfortable.


But like the others said, its your break, you need it! Make sure you have fun and don't place too much on this "what if" girl! Good luck!

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i have no idea what you are concerned with. it is spring break. you have a very potential hookup in your face. go for it. let the relationship take its course later. if you worry about what happens as a consequence, ie. having to see her all the time, relationship, etc. you will never accomplish anything with anyone. if you didn't know she just got out of a relationship, would you be cool then? go for it man, have fun.



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Well she is most definetaly talking to her ex but I'm not sure what she is feeling. When I talk to her she has never mentioned his name or talked about him. She came over my dorm this weekend with my friend and his girlfriend and she didnt seem at all interested like she had been on our date and on the phone. And now our other friend is goin and he's bringing his girlfriend and its gonna be an akward week. My plan to get through the week is drink a twelve pack every night.

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