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Those who eat out by themselves


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After many attempts at finding love, only to find they were already taken, and after many tries only to find that I didn't feeling anything, I felt released and sad, sad because I've tried with many girls but all seem to have a boyfriend. I don't know if I'm just looking in the wrong places.


I then decided to experience true loneliness.


I decided I would do things by myself as if all of my friends, in the future, were married and living their lives with love and all the sort of romance. I went to the coffee shop to study, and in walks in this girl from the place I work at. I also see her all the time, in maybe 10 different classes. We chat a lot, but the catch is I'm not feeling the feeling between us. She's nice, but just not feeling it. I study with her, and we leave off together. I do not want to lead her on, but I can't avoid all the coincidences.


I decided to eat out alone.


So I went to some nice restaurant, it actually wasn't that bad and I didn't care really. I got to chat with the waitress about my relating to being a waiter myself. I tipped her nice, $5, in hopes that karma will repay me somehow.


I thought about going to see a movie alone. But I didn't have the time.

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mmm.... interesting thoughts here.... as for your choice to experience true loneliness.. what exactly are your intentions? did you do it just so you could spend quality time feeling sorry for yourself? Or were you actually looking to find something out there alone?


Either way, I'm glad you realized you could survive without having to have a girlfriend!! maybe thats the point!! i dont know!!! But sadly I could never see myself doing this... It does sound interesting though... mmm.....

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No its a rant of "I'm stressed and I've had enough of this and that so screw life I'm doing this and that".


well rant away, i have also found that when you stop actively looking for love, it just seems to find you one way or another.. (unless you turn into a hermit and don't go anywhere)

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I don't know about being a hermit. I know I will probably take a break on advancing onto any girls now. I will try to hang out with my close friends whenever I can. I will also try the alone thing more. This time a movie. I still need to get me a tree to grow. I will try to get active into the 2 clubs I'm in after midterms are done with.

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I just went few days ago to grab a lunch by myself (and I have a bf), also I always go shopping alone (I hate having my friends with me when I am shopping) so nothing wrong in it.


Acctualy thats been one of the best lunches I had in a loooong time. I bought daily newspaper, ate and after that red the newspaper.



Also I went on a play alone once. My friends had no interest to see that play. And I had great time (it was a comedy, skip depressive drama when alone). The fact is you are going to see a play, not to chat with the person who sits close to you! (there was a great joke in Seinfeld about it once)

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