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Do i tell him i love him before i move away?

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Okay here's the deal i am head over heels in love with my ex and the thought of being with someone else just doesn't even register.


Anyway he broke it off with me a couple of months ago because i'm moving away in a few weeks for university and he is staying here. It was a fast moving relationship and i'm confused as to why he didn't want to take a risk he was the person he chased me to go out with him and told me he loved me frequently and a few days before he finished it he met my parents then a few days later i got a message saying things were getting to serious before i was moving away.


I thought i could get over it but two months on he's still in my thoughts every day and i'm confused as to how he feels. When i first saw him he ignored me and i confronted him he told me he was scared. I then saw him out with another girl which hurt so much but yet i still felt things for him. Then the past few times i have seen him recently he has been 'all over me' so to speak when he would walk past him would touch my arm try and tickle my stomach e.t.c. and i haven't seen him with the girl since and we were supposed to meet for coffee but it never happened because my phone blocked the SMS.


Then the other night i sent him a text saying that he owed me £5 jokingly he replied with 'you can have it sometime soon gorgeous x' which was his little nickname for me but his previous messages were either him not replying or blunt. I have tried 'seeing' other people and i'm always comparing them to him


Which got me thinking do i tell him before i leave that i still love him? Or do i just walk away and take the risk of never finding out? Sorry its so long

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Well my ex moved to another city last summer and we still keep a good relationship. But the thing is that when we talked about gettin together, she told me she missed me a lot but would be hard for her not being there with me everyday. So she told me to wait a bit longer. she didnt want to cry over me (being as her b/f) every night missin me more then she already does. Maybe its hard to keep a long distance relationship, but patience is key.

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