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Getting farther apart

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So about 2 years ago my half sister moved in with me and my other sis and my mom and dad so she could get closer to me and my sis. Well shes movin to New York in 5 days and she has been hangin out with this guy.....well snice she has been hanging out with this guy she has gotten this atitude....and now she has started to ingore me.....she has been going out every night and she hardly ever home and when she is home her guy friend are over with her....and if their not with her she either sleepin or she home for like 5 minutes.....call me jelious but I would like to spend time with her before she leaves......and i cant really talk to her because every time I try to talk to her about someting she turns straight around and yells at me and wont let me get my point accross.....I dont know what to do! ! Today she yelled at me about how Im always annoyin when her guys friends come over and that they always leave because of me ( which I dont really care because thats what i meant to do) I dont if im being jelious or what....SO PLEASE HELP!!

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I wouldn't call you jealous. You just want to spend time with her. Have you tried to tell her directly. Don't let her cut you off. Keep trying. It's not fun to lose a relationship with a sibling. Just keep trying. If it doesn't work, than maybe it's just not meant to workout.


Also, if you don't try to scare her friends off maybe she won't get mad at you, and it'll be easier to talk to her*wink**wink*

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