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Well we spoke again.........

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In regards to this post:


She had tried to call me the night after she said it wasn't working for her, I never called her back, She then proceeded to send 2 emails that I never replied to. Then Friday night I decided I was shutting my phone off to go bed and not be bothered. I wake up saturday morn and have 3 texts and 2 voice mails from her basically saying that she wanted to talk and that she wants me in her life and that if I wanted to see her to call her. Well I tried calling her and she never answered so I sent a quick email telling her if she wanted to talk bout things to give me a call.


Well she ends up calling and saying that she has had a horrible week and she just needed space and that I took what she said totally the wrong way. She tells me she still wants to see me but that she just wants to take things slow. So I say thats cool and I have no problem with taking things slow. So later that night I am on myspace(the devil) and see that she took me off her top friends, deleted all my comments, and now shes there for dating and serious relationships. This is after telling me she doesn't want to be in anything serious. So I just sent a lil message joking bout her lil bulletin she put up about her new song on her page. I just joked about here page and how I wasn't on her top friends anymore. Nothing more.


Well she sent me an email telling me that Im weird for reading into her page and that she just wants to enjoy spending time with me and being happy. Whatever that means. And that its seems like I want a serious relationship. I was under the impression that we were going to be seeing each other exclusively. Im guessing that I am wrong. I never replied, she ends up calling and hour after sending the mail which I didn't even read yet seeing how my day was and telling me she was going to her neighbors for dinner. I basically just said she sounded busy and that I would talk to her later cuz I was fixing to walk into the bar. Well she then asks if I want her to call me later and I told her to call if she wanted to.


This is so stupid. I know I need to back off and give her space and stuff, but I don't want to waste my time kicking it with her if shes going to start seeing other guys, even though she told me its not going to be like that. Funny how shes putting herself out there on myspace though. Advice???

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