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What should I do???

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Does it ever help to ignore the ex? My ex dumped me two months ago and it was a whole month before he even said hey to me and we are around each other three times a week at church. I wrote him a letter telling him I love him and that I still believe he is the one. And that if we are nothing at all to each other we should at least be friends. He hollered at me one night after church and told me that he received me letter, I didnt really think he would say anything. But we don't speak everytime that we see each other and I can't stand to make too much eye contact because of how I feel about him and we both seem to ignore each other when we are close to one another. Sometimes I think he stands around hoping that I would come speak to him but maybe I am wrong. He told my aunt and me bye today accross the parking lot and neither one of us said anything and I didn't say anything cause he could of talked to me earlier....what is going on with him? Sometimes it seems as though we never dated at all. He told me he loved me so much and wanted to marry me and all I can do now is sit and try to figure out if he still cares anything about me or just wants to ignore I am around...(my whole story is somewhere on here under "is there any hope?") I just want to know why we are both acting this way, I know I ignore him cause I like him and maybe that is wrong.... How do I act when I love him so much and just want to be with him?

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i don't know what all went wrong in your relationship but from my recent experience, i tried to talk to me ex and he acted the jerk so i said i din't need that and began to stick strong and ignore him. you have to show that whatever you are feeling isn't bothering you because otherwise he will feel that he had/has control over you and that will only make his ego get bigger. i did just that and come to find out, my ex was cheating on me and didn't have the balls to tell me and now that we don't speak to each at all... it makes things a whole lot better. we work together and avoid each other as much as possible because otherwise neither one of us would be able to get our job done without wanting to kill each other.


so, keep an upper lip and take this time for yourself. you will find someone out there who will treat you right and like you for who you are. whatever you do, don't keep trying to tell him how you feel because it wil show him that you are weak and vulnerable and unable to be yourself without him being part of it. good luck!

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