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losing erection when having sex for the first time

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I have been seeing this girl for a while. On our 7th date last friday, we went out had dinner and decided to get some drinks. One drink led to another and by 2:00am, I was drunk.

We ended up back at her place and we started out sexual dance between the sheets. Things were going well and I went down on her for a while. As soon as I wanted to enter her, I started losing erection.

She wanted me in her so badly but I just couldn't do it. Is this just performance anxiety?. Has this happened to other people as well? Next morning we were so tired and hungover and she looked so disappointed.

She said "it's ok, it wasn't meant to happen last night so don't worry about it". She is a very sweet girl and very caring and understanding.

I feel like an * * * now. This has happened to me once before with the last girl I dated.

I get hard when we are touching each other but as soon as I get ready for intercouse, I lose erection.

please someone help!! what should I do?

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its two things i think, its a combination of stress and alcohol.


booze totaly screws guys up sexualy, have erection problems, cant cum, yet painfully horny (depending on how much you drink and how much practice you have more then anything else)


i would advice to first of all not be drunk next time. and second, just take it slow.


dont rush into anything, take your time, lots of forplay on both sides


good luck.

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The thing is, I had couple of one night stands in the last few months and I was drunk then too. I was able to perform well.

It seems that the problem crops up only when I am more seriously involved with someone.


Now, I am worried that this girl might break up with me. Will a girl breakup with a guy that she likes because the first time they had sex wasn't good at all?

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I was a bit worried that she might not be satisfied since I was a bit drunk and uncoordinated.

I went down on her and even massaged her down there, which she enjoyed but for some reason she refused to go down on me.

She said that she doesn't like that during the first time.

That actually turned me off a bit and I went limp for a while.

Also, she prefers to do it in the dark and it's always hard for me to find a girls sensitive spot in the dark.

Vision helps!!

I would like to talk to her about this but it seems so unromantic in the beginning of the relationship. I wish there was another way.

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I am wondering if I should taking viagra or cialis or something like that. I know I don't need it but it helps me stay hard long enough and get past this awkward phase in the relationship, I will take it.


Only thing is how to convince a doctor to write me a prescription? I don't know if he will be willing to see my point and write me trial prescription.

Any ideas??!!

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It is nerves and alcohol. Suggestion = try it several more times without pressure and without alcohol.


This also just happened to me tonight. However, both my partner and I knew it was going to happen, so she wasn't as diappointed. First time is always awkward. Never goes as planned. Learn to laugh about it.


It would be awfully hypocritical of me to say I don't use ED drugs though. I do exactly what you are thinking of. I use a little viagra or cialis with a new partner to help me get over the nervous jitters and to make things go more smoothly.


It can be purchased in liquid form as a research chemical (which basically makes it over the counter b/c while it is not legal to use without a script, it is legal to possess) from many places online. I prefer the liquid form since I can take as little as 5mg of viagra or cialis just by measuring out less liquid. The danger with drugs like viagra is that you may take way too much and you may not need it. Both involve taking risks that aren't necessary.


I'd give it more time before you go the viagra route. It is probably unnecessary as long as you have patient partner and you can swallow your ego for awhile.

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if this is not a one night stand, then if it came to 2am and we were both tired and totally drunk(not in peak perfoemance) i would say "thank you for a lovely night, would you like to come over for a movie tomorrow night" and then start the sex at something 8pm when we are both sober and full of energy, and then can do it for the next 6hrs, definutly a better anxiety free long lasting experiance that she would remember, then she's more likely to come back for more then if you would have tried to start something while you were both tired, drunk with the sunrise soon approaching.

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Agreed with aussie! I should have just said goodnight and left. However, its so hard to do that especially when you are drunk. I guess I was not thinking straight.

I am thinking of getting some viagra tablets and keep them with me just in case for next time. I really care for this girl and want to make her as happy as possible.

Does anyone know any good online sites from where I can order viagra?

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