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Smear test came back on the borderline!

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Yes, it is quite common. you can get that result for lots of reasons, from a yeast infection to other kinds of infections, some requiring more treatment than others... the body can heal itself sometimes without treatment, too... depending on the particular problem.


even if it is a problem, there are lots of techniques they use now, from chemicals, to freezing the tissue, to lasers, etc. So depending on the problem, it might not be a big deal at all, no treatment, or a simple treatment in the doctor's office.


anyway, it usually happens to every woman at least once, and no cause for major alarm becuase you are being watched and if they think it necessary, can take care of the problem quickly...

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I had a colposcopy when I was 19 for cervical dysplasia. It was important to get checked every six months for a few years after that. Then I had an abnormal test result after my 2nd pregnancy (5 years ago) but that turned out to be a false alarm when I went back a few months later.


Just take it easy and keep in mind you are being responsible and proactive with your body and doing the best you can do by getting your paps done.


Try not to waste negative energy worrying on it... just think about the positive aspect of being on top of it.



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