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Girls going for jerks rather than the guys who like them !


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my statement has everything to do with the OP. the poster says that he notices guys that approach girls are usually jerks. and the fact is because that they did approach the girl, they have a better chance of hooking up with her than a guy on the sidelines. it's like being a hermit. the doorbell doesn't just ring and somebody comes in. you have to invite people over. take the opportunity whether you are a jerk or not. most jerks i think are outgoing than the termed 'nice' guys. there are nice outgoing guys though.

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Girls will repeatedly pick up and want to date men who have a history of using women in the exact way it is looked down on in this forum. That is, using them till he gets bored of sex.


its obviously not because they like to date men who are bad people it is because those men are attractive men to begin with. I've seen this many times and never once wondered why, I know it is simply because of attraction. I don't think decency comes into it much.

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i think the original post is a little bit off. he probably doesn't know they are jerks at all. i think he is jealous because the other guys are more outgoing and 'get all the women.'


you can be that guy. muster up some courage and just do it. i've read a lot of your posts on here. they all seem to be about the same thing....talking to women.

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