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A question about monthlies

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Hey all,


Erm I just noticed over this weekend that I have been experiencing lower stomach aches. It's not a severe pain but it's just an ache I usually feel before a period comes on. The thing is I'm not due on until the 4th, but because of these aches I'm expecting to come on soon.


Is it natural to feel aches a week before you're due on? I feel a bit worried thats all.



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If these are normal aches that you usually get soon before your period, then I don't think you need to worry.


Everybody's body is different, so what might be normal for one person won't be for another. But if you get this type of ache whenever your period is due, then it's normal for you.


I wouldn't worry if your period is a little early.. there are so many reasons for early/late periods, such as being sick recently or slight changes in lifestyle or even stress. But an early period is always better than no period at all.

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I once asked my gynecologist about whether or not it's normal to feel something down there in-between periods...For me it was a very localized ache right around where the ovaries are supposed to be. And she said that unless it's a severe pain, it's nothing to worry about, and that sometimes you can actually feel yourself ovulating and it can be an odd and alarming sensation. Could that be it?

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I used to get random pain all the way through the month. I could feel myself ovulating - sometimes it was just like a cramp but in my ovaries, sometimes just sharp stabs like you've described, sometimes crippling.


Considering how close it is to your period, I'd say it was just 'warming up'. I got that too (got a raw deal as far as periods go) just pain for a few days beforehand to let me know it was around the corner.

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