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Vocabulary Question

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Thanks guys. I will ask. The story is that I've been chatting to this guy by email, not in a potential date way, but in a friends way, when he wrote this. I didn't want to write back if this meant that he and his friends have people they keep around for casual sex... (yeah, not being judgemental, just not my kind of people, you know?)

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You know, I've heard the term "hook-up" in a few different contexts.


I always thought it meant having sex with someone, but then a friend used to tell me she hooked up with these guys and I found out all she was talking about was kissing them. Then another friend uses the term "hook-up" to indicate that he's just meeting some friends somewhere to hang out, and it has no sexual connotation.


So I guess if you're wondering I'd just ask for clarification: "What do you mean when you say "hook up"? I'm confused because it has so many different meanings."

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it depends... it can mean anything from 'getting together' (as in meeting up with someone, let's hook for dinner later) to someone procuring someone drugs (i.e., he hooked him up with drug x), or a casual sexual encounter (i hooked up with so and so last night).


it is usually the context in which it is said that clarified the meaning... and if someone asks you to hook up, definitely ask what it means first!

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If the subject at hand was whether or not they have casual sex with people, and he said "I have hook-ups with people I meet at bars" then its probably in a sexual context (which can still mean anything from kissing to full sex).


If you were talking about where to go out though, and he said "I have hook-ups at the local bars", then he could be referring to being on a VIP list, or being friends with the bartenders and/or bouncers and whatnot.

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