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Whats wrong with me??


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Im trying to figure out whats wrong with me and i figure some people here would be able to help.


I seem to be having a problem with school and life in general. at the beginning of my fall semester in college i was doing really good in school, keepin up with my h/w, studying, getting good grades.


Now im in my spring semester and im not doing so hot anymore. I dont seem to be trying as hard as I used to. I just dont seem to care and i dont know why, i want to care but i cant get myself to care. Im wondering if im having this problem because im lazy or maybe just because im depressed.


I mean at the start of the semester i had just met this girl and maybe thats part of the problem since i like her alot now and its complicated to a degree where i cant really go out with her.


I just need some advice as to why im having this problem.

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You sound depressed or burned out or both. Do you have a good social support system? There are usually on campus counselors that can help you academically and personally to talk about whatever is going on. If your life is not balanced and you don't have a good support system and it sounds a bit like that to me, then you will get depressed.


I find that when I have a little "me" time and some time with friends that I can study and do well and work and everything works out well. College is hard and there's so much to balance and it's not really like out in the real world anyway. This will probably be one of your most stressful periods in your life because of the balancing act.


I recommed looking into counseling to talk about things and work on your social support. Secondly, I recommend that you do something for youself...take a yoga class during the semester or one fun class where you have opportunites to meet new people.

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a lot of people go through 'slumps'. i know personally, i am also in a situation a lot like yours. if college is a new thing for you (if you are a freshman) like it is for me, i found it helpful to ask friends or other people about how to kind of beat the slump. and the girl may or may not have a lot to do with it, but it you really like her, have strong enough feelings for her and feel devoted enough to keep the relationship steady while also juggling the aspects of school, then it may be eneough to pull you out of the slump and get you back into shape. the feeling of having to balance a more serious relationship and school work all together puts more pressure on one, so it will either make you or break you, meaning it will help you focus more on things that need to be done, and will motivate you to get what 'needs' to be done quicker and more efficiently so you can make time to do things that you want to do. it could also end up putting too much stress on you, and you'll have to make the all famous choice of 'what is more important to you for your future' decision. hopefully, like me you can balance everything and get back into shape, try setting goals and rules for yourself, like 'if i finish all of my assignments that are due for tomorrows classes and make a dent in my longer term projects, then i can (kind of in a sense 'reward') go out with so-and-so', which may not be the most exciting strategy, but definitely works in the long run


hopefully i helped you out a little bit, but just know ive experienced the same thing

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