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Hello everyone! This is embarrassing..

Anyway.. I was told that I have to get a pap exam done, and I scheduled my appointment already. I just did some research on it and found a step-by-step explanation of the test. It sounds like something out of a horror film!!!

For those of you who have had it, is it really that bad? Does it hurt? I'm freaking out....

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No! It doesnt hurt.. Is it uncomfortable? Yes of course it is. Just remember to relax, which I know is hard to do but it makes it go so much easier and look at it this way, the few seconds of awkwardness is well worth it for your health for the rest of your life. I have to get a pap done every 3 months because of a cervical cancer scare so i've gotten used to them. But in all honesty its nothing bad at all, the doctor will just have you lie down on the table, feet in stir-ups, use a forcep like thing(cant tthink of what they're really called) but the only bad thing about them is its cold at first and then they just use a qtip like thing and take a swab. Its nothing

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I agree with Mythical Suicide.


The first time you're horrified, but honestly, they've seen it all before.


I just get my done by my GP. I lay on the bed thing, and he gives me a blanket to put over myself (that's nice, you don't feel so 'on show'). As Mythical said, they just put these forcep things itno you (kinda like tongs to open you up) they take a swab and voila! You're done. And as for them being cold, my doctor warms them up under the hot tap first. Aint he nice


Yeah, it's not my favourite thing, but it's not half as bad as what you're imagining in your head, I promise.

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My first time, doctor walks in, sits down and says "Hi, I'm Dr. Kitty!"

She was a sweet old lady lol. She talked me through it, basically saying why she did each part of the exam. The speculum feels weird, but not painful if you relax. You'll just feel pressure. Oh, and relaxation is easier if you pee before you go in!


One last thing: through my parents insurance, if we send in proof of the exam, they send me $75. Might want to check into that!

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it can be VERY painfull, sorry to say.

I have had a few now, and although its normally just a bit weird feeling for a second, my last one was REALLY sore and I bled

she was a bit heavy handed, afterwards it felt like I had been kicked in the stomach.


but thats a worse case senario, the others were fine good luck!!

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It can be quite uncomfortable but it will be more painful if you do not have at all and find out things the hard way. Sfae than sorry is the way to go.


Yes it's a good way too look at it, get my mind straight, and do what has to be done...Thanks


I really appreciate everyone's responce guys, thanks!

I'm also getting a physical exam... So, I will know soon enough just how healthy I am. Finally!

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I'm kind of late but I wanted to add:


When I went to get my first exam, I took lots of deep breaths to relax - and the doc said that I was so relaxed it was a lot easier for her to do her thing, and on my side, it hardly hurt at all.


So just try to relax as much as you can. They will (probably) be really nice to you, and it will be over before you know it! Good luck!

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Can I interject a question of my own? When are you supposed to start having them? I had to go to the doctor a lot recently with issues about my period, getting on the pill, changing pill and all that jazz...it happened that most of the time it was a different doctor each time, and they all knew I was sexually active, but none of them mentioned getting a smear done?

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you're recommended to start going for regular paps once you become sexually active or of the age of 18, whichever comes first. You need to schedule an appointment for a papsmears if you're sexually active and not had one.


I just thought I'd add that in the UK pap smears are only recommended once every 3 years. From what I've read, GPs are ecouraged to perform a pap once a woman turns 25, or once she becomes sexually active for more than 3 years.


In the US, it's recommended for anyone over 18 anyone who is sexually active. Annual pap smears are recommended.


There reason for the difference is a cost/benefit analysis. In the UK, they have a socialized health system and it works out better for the government if they don't have to provide this service every year for every woman. In the US, health insurance is usually private, so they encourage it as much as possible.


I'm not sure which system is "better", but according to UK doctors, a pap is only necessary once every three years and any more frequently than that doesn't provide better detection rates.


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