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Problems with Going back to religion

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I am a very religious teenager. I follow the catholic church, and so does one of my friends. This friend has had a rough 4 years as she lost all of her grandparents and father. During this time, she has also been addicted to several drugs, and is now an alcoholic. She has been clean for 2 months now, and tonight asked me if I was willing to take her to church. Naturally, I relplied with a yes. I will follow through with my committment, but I was wondering if there are any precautions that I should take, anything I should talk to her about, or anything I should tell my priest?

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There are no precautions and no reason to tell your priest. Just let your friend blend in and get reacquainted with everything. God always welcomes back those who have lost their way.


It sounds like your friend has been through a lot. It's really common after people hit rock bottom to find their faith again.

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I'm a Pastor's Kid and I got a unique perspective on this sort of thing. There may be some in the church who might know your friend and her past and give her a rough time. On the other hand there are the Barnabases in the congregation who will encourage your friend. Barnabas is written about in the Book of Acts in the Bible and he was always encouraging people and giving people the "second chance," good thing cause his name means son of encouragement.


I want to encourage to take your friend your friend to church, however, be aware that there maybe those who are legalistic with rules and such. There will those who will reflect their Father and will accept your friend with open arms.


I'll be praying everything goes well for you and your friend.

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