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Work Enemy and Other Friends.


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In work I get on with most people but I've never had a good rapport with this one guy. I find him over the top, attention seeking and annoying. I've never said so to anyone at work because most like him because he's outgoing. Most of the guys humour him whereas I just try and get on with my work. He finds me a bit annoying too and prefers people who can follow up his one liners with a witty response whereas I'm quieter and not fantastic at the one liners. Unfortunately for me he is fast becoming the main guy in the office on a social level. He is now best friends with my best friend in work which as you can imagine is awkward. They are meeting up outside work and socialising but I'm not included because, in my friend's eyes, I'm not fantastic at drinking. Obviously my work colleague is glad because I'm never involved. He is now moving into a house near work with three other people including one other work colleague and my work friend's best friend.

This again is helping him get a hold over things. This weekend I believe is his birthday and before he left he couldn't resist saying 'I'll see some of you tomorrow night (for the birthday bash) and the others I won't see I'll see on Monday'. Obviously he never invited or mentioned this to me and then proceeded to invite one of the elder staff members out to his birthday party -basically only to make a point of inviting someone else in front of me. There were only two of us left in work then and again he said 'I'll see some of you tomorrow night and the others I won't see I'll see on Monday'. He is so catty and * * * * *y with his remarks, always looking to leave me out of things. Yeah OK we don't get on fantastically but is there a need for these * * * * *y schoolgirl type remarks and actions? I have never given him the satisfaction of saying something or being jealous or acting left out when he's been inviting my best friend at work out because I don't want to give him the satisfaction but oh boy he's still trying his best...


I can see the workplace soon becoming his gang (apart from me) and I really want to get out before this happens while I've still got some friends left. I know he'd be delighted if I left which would mean he would win but it's not something I want to stay around for.


Any advice on what I should do? Please..

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I never liked the whole workplace social thang.

When I was younger, maybe, but in time I realized how socializing with folks detracts from getting work done. In my last job, I went 10 years without ever doing lunch with anyone. Gossip, joking around and telling stories cuts into your time.

I realize certain jobs require socializing, but if it doesn't, you have the option of doing a good job and going home.

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Imagine you change jobs, and there is 2 of these type of guys. Or in other words, you can't always change simply because you have terrible people at work. I have people at work who personally i would be on good terms with, but who basically treat people so bad, that you wish you'd got a dogs treatment because that's better then how we are being dealt with by these individuals. I also can't do anything against this guy because he is the boss. What you can do is keep your distance from these kind of people, simply don't talk to them avoid them, and in every sentence a hidden translation of (get out of my life and go away)


You know a job is just for the money, all kinds of weird stuff wants to come between you and obtaining that money, you just have to ignore and get rid of all of those things. I don't believe in friendships to begin with. You must decide for yourself with whom you want or do not want to be.

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